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Club Championships 2022/23 - (Updated 29 January) 2023

As a results of the sectional play offs held Sunday the 29th of January, the women's and mens singles draws have now been posted and full details can be found on the Club Championships page in the  Members Area.


Summary of Coachzone coaching session, Aug 2022 led by Tony Lucas published under Selection, Coaching, Information menu item in the Selection and Coaching News.  A good read guaranteed..!


       To ALL Pennant Players

  • Structured drills based skills practice sessions have commenced and will continue on Tuesday afternoons for all pennant players at 3pm with a 10 min briefing or review of rules or etiquette then an on green duration of around 1 ½ hrs.  Available rinks will be set up with drills with full rotation of all players across greens and rinks. There will be a requirement to close the greens between 2.30 – 3.00pm to allow set up of drills.  The drill sheets are available for alternate hours training for those working or otherwise unavailable.

2022/23 Pennants Season 

Members can remain up to date on pennant issues by visiting the Pennant Bowls pages on a regular basis.

The MBA has now released the pennants calendar, dated 6 July '22, and you can see it here Here

Latest Newsletter and Social Events

Please visit the Members Area for a list of the planned social events between June and December and newsletter #82 dated 16 Jan 2023

Our annual Fish and Chips Night will be held on Friday 17 February - full details can be found Here

Monday - Summer Social Bowls 

If you wish to participate, please be at the club by 12:30 for a 1:00 pm start.  Full information can be found by selecting Social Bowls from the above menu.

Championship Pairs - This event will return at the completion of the pennant finals. Further information will be published here once the program has been finalised.

Greens Unavailability  

Currently all greens are available. Please remember, that if a green/s have a "Closed" sign placed on them, the sign always overrides any notification that maybe posted here.

Friday Night Drinks

Friday Nights Drinks 4pm until 6:30pm. Please note that there may be Covid-19 rules in place, and these must be adhered to. 

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